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The association

We aim to holistically address the issues of accessibility in dance, dance education, pedagogy, and communication. 


An inclusive method for teaching Latin American couples dances to sighted, blind and visually impaired people has been developed at Lillis Ballroom since its foundation in 2016. Dancing Without Limits builds on this extensive expertise in dance and inclusion.


Our association was born out of the need to bring the topics of inclusion and accessibility closer to the general public. With the projects “Move your Limits!” and “Dancing Diversity” we create spaces for direct encounters with inclusion through the medium of dance. The goal is to reach people of different ages and professions as well as diverse social and cultural backgrounds, to open (moving) spaces of learning and growing with and from each other, and to create awareness for the benefits of a barrier-free and inclusive society. 

Team of Dancing without Limits: Petra Schön, Sophie Ehgartner, Lena Pirkelhuber, Claudia Schmid

Dancing without Limits and Lillis Ballroom are closely connected and continue to develop hand in hand. The special pedagogical method of Lillis Ballroom was developed through experimental learning and participatory group processes with sighted, visually impaired, and blind dancers, trainers, and participants. 


The collaboration of people with and without impairments is an essential point of our work within the organization as well. Both the board and the team of trainers at Dancing Without Limits are Mixed-Abled. 


Dancing without Limits also orients its goals towards the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and contributes to its implementation with its activities.

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