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Dancing Diversity and Dancing Diversity - Online

Interactive workshop to grasp diversity on a rich, experiential level, using the examples of blindness and visual impairment.

Target group: Interested educators of all school types and levels.

Extent and duration: 2 parts; first part 3 hours; second part 1.5 hours

Extent and duration Online: 2 parts; first part 2,5 hours; second part 1.5 hours

In our self-awareness workshops for educators, we facilitate an active and application-oriented examination of the topic of diversity. Experience with your own body and all your senses how it is possible to move blindly, to orientate yourself and to dance together. Understand what it means to trust each other and to break down one's own limits, prejudices or inhibitions about disabilities. Gain valuable impulses for their own teaching to strengthen class community, empathy and trust, as well as to stimulate embodied understanding (embodiment) and discourse around diversity.

In order to be able to deliver our content during the current physical limitations, we have developed an online format for Dancing Diversity. The aim in creating the online format was to ensure that all the experiences of the physical workshop could also be experienced online. We are very happy to be able to offer workshops during the pandemic and look forward to Dancing Diversity - Online in April 2021.

Educator feedback

"This was an incredibly valuable course. Apart from the concrete exercises that I can take back to the classroom or the gym, I myself look at the world in a completely different way.


I notice visually impaired people in everyday life differently, and knowing that I can now offer them meaningful help when the situation demands it makes me very happy. Great workshop, highly recommended – even after a long, tiring day at school!"


—  Joseph, NMS

In short, this workshop offers:

  • Personal sensitization regarding meeting and communicating with blind or visually impaired people.

  • Inspiration for your own teaching on the topic of disability/diversity and teambuilding/trust/empathy 

  • Experiencing rhythm and dance as non-verbal and connecting means of communication

This workshop includes two dates to facilitate sustainable learning and to guide and support participants* in implementing it in the classroom. The first session offers a variety of application-oriented exercises, as well as space for exchange of experiences and reflection. In the second session, the focus is on reflection on the implementation of what has been learned in one's own class and on learning from each other. In addition, there are new, concrete and practice-oriented exercises that are transferable to your own classroom. 


You are an educator and would like to participate in a Dancing Diversity workshop or have questions?

Send us an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!


We had to cancel all upcoming workshop dates until further notice. As soon as we have planning security, we will post the new dates here on the website. 

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