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Our partners

Our vision cannot be realized without excellent partners. That is why we work with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and companies that help us reach our goals. 

Kahane Foundation

Wir freuen uns sehr, über die vertrauensvolle Partnerschaft mit der Schweizer Karl Kahane Stiftung (KKS), die uns seit 2018 die Realisierung unseres ersten Projekts "Move your Limits" ermöglicht.  Die 1991 gegründete gemeinnützige KKS unterstützt Projekte in der Bereichen: Barrierefreiheit, Migration/Integration und Social Mobility.


Blickkontakt (“Eye Contact”) works for the togetherness of handicapped and non-handicapped people, in order to reach positive solutions for all involved. The association implements projects that make existing infrastructures usable for all people, in cooperation with disabled people, their interest groups, public authorities, and non-disabled people. Like Tanzen Ohne Grenzen (TOG), Blickkontakt is concerned with breaking down barriers. We are very proud that its dedicated and experienced honorary president, Silvia Oblag, is part of our team of trainers

Teach for Austria

Did you know that in no other EU country does educational success depend so much on the income, status and educational level of parents as in Austria? Teach for Austria's (TFA) vision is that a child's potential, not their parents' paycheck, determines their education and future. Our two organizations complement each other in their commitment to create a differentiated environment that enables people to reach their full potential, regardless of their background. We are excited to partner with a visionary organization like TFA through their Flex Program and with Dancing Diversity by TOG.


Lillis Ballroom

TOG is based out of Lillis Ballroom. Lilli Beresin, the founder of Lillis Ballroom, is a board member of TOG, and the other board members are also dedicated to working for Lillis Ballroom. Through this close partnership of the two organizations, many synergies in the field of accessible dance education can be found. All TOG trainers completed special training to become Lillis Ballroom teachers*. This method has been used in all courses since the opening of Lillis Ballroom in 2018 and is constantly being refined.

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