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Moving Together

Finally on site: On the terrace of the Grellen Forelle from 17:00 to 20:00

Craving physical interaction, the feeling of connection with others, and would love to dance with others again?

Starting in May, the outdoor area of Greelle Forelle will become our very special dance floor, right on the Danube Canal. 

Dancing without Limits has made it its mission to make dance accessible to all and to make inclusion directly tangible through the medium of dance. Moving Together is an inclusive, international dance event to which all people are invited who like to move and want to feel connected to others, especially in this time of isolation. Children as well as adults, people with and without disabilities, amateurs as well as professional dancers come together on this evenings. Unfortunately, we do not have interpreters for deaf people at this event yet.

Our dance evening is grouped into 3 parts


  • A warm-up, led by our certified dance teacher Lucia Rosenfeld, invites you to feel your body more consciously and to get in touch with it. 

  • The main part centers on free dancing and improvisation to the music of our DJ Jaxyn Randall from New York. 

  • At the end we invite you to a short meditation and a cool down. 

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"Thank you so much. You have so few chances to go dancing now, so every chance counts. And it absolutely didn't feel like 1.5 hours, more like half an hour. So - happy to do more of it!"

Susanne, Österreich (53)

"The music was great. Well chosen, lots of surprise in it, I could always get into it!"

Arthur, Deutschland (32)

"I am really glad that I was there. My girlfriend talked me into it and at first I didn't want to, but now I'm really glad I got involved and I really enjoyed it."

Katharina, Austria (25)

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Ziva, Ukraine (28)

"It was like getting to know each other at the club, which I haven't had in a long time. I was at home in front of the screen but with the feeling of a real contact. That was great."

Sara, France (47)

"Thank you for this music, it was really nice to dance to live mixed tunes again!"

David, Germany (36)

"The structure was very well planned and I really enjoyed the partner exercise. It felt like dancing with someone again. A real joy after so much social distancing."

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