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Our projects

Here we would like to present our three major projects. “Move your limits!” is aimed at school classes; “Dancing Diversity” is aimed at educators; and "Moving Together” is our first online offer, aimed at everyone who likes to move and dance and wants to support our association.

Move your limits!

Move your limits! is a workshop format for school classes and aims to raise awareness among children and young people on the topics of inclusion and diversity, as well as the holistic promotion of health through dance and movement. We show the possibilities of an inclusive togetherness. Visually-impaired and blind trainers share their personal experiences, and trained dance teachers activate the joy of movement and give students the courage to engage in new and unknown things.

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Dancing Diversity

Dancing Diversity has been designed as continuing education for teachers. The workshops enable participants to immerse themselves in perceiving, moving, questioning and discovering without a sense of sight through many self-awareness elements, and therefore help teachers to gain a sustainable, embodied understanding of diversity. Dancing Diversity workshops are led by mixed-abled trainers and consist of two sessions to allow for both the direct application of what is learned in the classroom and subsequent sharing and mutual learning.

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Moving together

If you miss open dance evenings, we have just the thing for you with our series "Moving together". No matter where you are and want to make "physical distancing" but not "social distancing", be there moving together, to cool music by New York artist Jaxyn Randall.

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